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Master Mind Little Rock Escape Room Game is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints, and strategize to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms.In some settings “escaping” the room is the goal; in others accomplishing a task or challenge may be the goal

We don’t want to give away too many secrets about our Little Rock Escape Games but this CBS Video gives a little glimpse into the world of Escape Mystery Rooms. Certain Mystery Rooms Little Rock have better success rates, you will have the chance to choose which one you and your group would like to experience.

Our escape room is located in the heart of West Little Rock. We are next door to an awesome bakery (The Croissanterie), great food (Pizza Casfe West, and Taco Godoy), and a recently opened tasty ice cream shop. Grab a bite to eat, experience our escape room, and grab a sweet treat afterwards!

Escape Mystery Rooms

60 minutes and
the clock is ticking…



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Team building doesn’t have to be boring. Our Escape Room Little Rock AR games are great for team building. The games encourage your organization to work together, communicate effectively, think creatively, it also shows how your team will handle pressure. All strategies that involve being successful in the Arkansas Escape Rooms and the real world.

We have 3 room themes to choose from.

All rooms are $27 Per Person

The Bank Heist

You and your friends are on the edge of pulling off one of the biggest heist in history. You are so close, you’ve made it to the banks manager office and now you have 60 minutes to find clues in order to make it inside the vault and grab the mega bucks! Will you make it? The clock is ticking! Lets See!

45% Success Rate
This room is fast pace which means you open more locks in the 60 minute time frame giving you a more accomplishing feeling. Perfect for new players and thrill seekers!

70s Disco Fever

You and your friends have traveled back in time and its Disco Friday! But you only have one issue, you have misplaced your outfits for tonights party. Your “golden groovy” shirt and your favorite “peace for all” dress. Your memory has failed you and your time is running out. Lucky enough, your disco mate left you several clues. You’ll have 60 minutes to find your outfits, can you dig it? Lets boogy!

40% Success Rate

We’ve been told this room is “Beautifully decorated!” & “Instagram worthy”. It is fast pace with very interactive props. Perfect for the players that have tried escape rooms before but are not quite at the “expert” status just yet.

The Wizard

Professor Doredumble is one of Hogsnorts Academy’s most beloved professors. He tends to be a bit Paranoid and Absentminded. Because he is not very trusting he has put a spell on his office so that anyone who attempts to enter his office will be locked in. However, Sometimes he forgets and gets himself locked in, so he has left clues around his office that will help him escape. You have been summoned to his office for a meeting to discuss your project, once you enter, the door locks and you realize the professor is not inside and you are trapped. You must find the crystal ball and a little bit of magic will show you the way. You have one hour to get out or be stuck in this alternate world forever!

30% Success Rate
This room is a slower pace room which means you spend more time on each step. Perfect for deep thinkers, and experienced players.



Mastermind escape room was the most fun me and my family has had in a very long time.
Jim Loudermilk
Simply amazing I will definitely be back for another go around
Nancy G.
I hosted my bachelorette event here and it was outstanding, a think tank of fun.
Christina J.